The Sydney Facial Nerve Service was founded to integrate the expertise of some of Australia's leading facial nerve specialists to ensure patients are receiving the highest standard of modern multidisciplinary care. Our shared interest in facial paralysis has motivated us to collaborate and overcome geographical boundaries. 

Another major focus of this service is clinical and translational research. We use this to improve our understanding and treatment of facial paralysis. Many of our projects are at the cutting edge of facial nerve clinical research. We are incredibly excited about the advancements being made in this field and the future is bright. 

Our Story

For many years leading specialists in facial palsy have been functioning independently. Barriers such as geography, busy medical practice and operating theatre schedules have made it hard for multidisciplinary collaboration in this field.  The Sydney Facial Nerve Service was conceived to amalgamate the shared expertise of our clinicians in a technologically aware environment to ensure the foremost care for our patients. 


The team

We are a group of proactive clinicians who share a common interest. We do not function in one referral centre, but rather are spread out across Sydney, Australia. This group does not seek monetary gain or prestige. We are focused on using our shared experience and perspectives to develop and improve the standard of care for facial palsy patients by engendering a culture of sensitive, holistic and patient-focused care to the management of this condition.