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We are passionate about clinical research. Many of our clinicians are recognised internationally for their research contributions. We are particularly keen on translational and patient focused projects which directly improve clinical decision making and patient care. 

Some of the projects we are currently involved with include:



PI: Susan Coulson

A clinical study to investigate recovery following facial nerve paralysis using mental imagery and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). This project will examine changes that occur in the brain during the early recovery period. 


2. Facial Nerve Excitability in health and disease

PI: Tim Eviston

A clinical study which uses the translational application of cutting edge neurophysiology techniques from neuroscience in the investigation of facial palsy to help determine cause, prognosis and uncover what is happening to the machinery of the nerve fibre during facial palsy. 


3. Implantable facial bionics

PI: Jonathan Clark

Preliminary studies of how we can use implantable stimulation and bionic techniques for immediate facial reanimation. This is particularly focused at helping cancer sufferers following facial nerve injury from cancer, cancer surgery and radiotherapy.